Olivier Depardon was born in 1975 in Le Chesnay, near Versailles in France.

Pianist, composer, found of the 7th art and of new technologies, Olivier Depardon evolves in an eclletic musical world. He learnt classical piano and musical theory at 6, and has played and composed many kinds of music, from jazz to pop passing by electro and contemporary music.

But this is the film music which fascinated him the most, starting by Excalibur by John Boorman, with its soundtrack and the very cinematographic music of Richard Wagner. Olivier is 13 when he watches the movie.

Olivier Depardon

In another register, the synthetic film music of John Carpenter brings him the love for synthesizers, samplers and computer music.

Then this is time for studying and travelling. Olivier takes the path of sciences and telecommunications. After a long stay in Denmark, he settles in the Netherlands to finalize his studies at the European Spatial Agency in Noordwijk.

In 2000, Olivier gets his Engineering diploma as well as a Master Of Science and goes to Brussels where he works as a technology consultant.

Back in Paris, Olivier Depardon becomes marketing manager at Orange where he will draw attention for his innovative ideas. He conceives and launches on the market the first internet portable radio, and becomes director for Innovation in the South area of France.

Piano - Olivier Depardon

Olivier doesn't leave music of course. In parallel he studies classical guitar then jazz and harmony at the American School of Modern Music of Paris.

Between 2004 and 2010, Olivier founds the electropop band « Doune » for which he composes and plays the keyboards. This will lead to the release of 2 CDs and many live performances in Paris (New morning, Elysée Montmartre…).

At the end of one of these concerts, a chance encounter with a journalist friend will lead to a collaboration with the agency Magneto Presse, a production studio that conceives reports and documentaries for the biggest French TV channels, and institutionnal films for several prestigious brands.

Guitar - Olivier Depardon

Olivier dedicates himsel fully to music and becomes a professional composer in 2011. Since then, Magneto Presse gave him the opportunity to sign many soundtracks for :
« Un jour, un destin » , aired on France 2,
« Spécial investigation » for Canal+,
or « Le doc du dimanche » on France 5.

In 2013, Olivier signs the music of several films for Galaxie Press and Morgane Production.

Then in 2015, he composes the main title and the whole soundtrack of the ARTE documentary series « Paris Berlin» for Illiad Production. T

Olivier currently works on the music of the series « Un jour, Une Histoire », a new declension of the tv magazine created by Laurent Delahousse, as well as for a fiction movie with a symphonic orchestra.